Searles Automotive is My Number One Choice

Over the last year I had been driving my van and noticing an exponential increase in noise from my rear end. It was to the point where conversations on my hands free device were becoming awkward and unmanageable and seeing that I am a business owner and need to carry on professional conversations in my vehicle on a regular basis I needed to rectify this problem fast.

I took my work van to Searles Automotive and Chris and his team found that some of the gearing in my rear end differential was causing this incessant whining and they know how to solve it. After getting my van out of the shop and driving again I was still experience, albeit reduced; noise and vibration from my rear end, so I called Chris and explained to him what I was experiencing and he was very quick to get the van back into the shop and get it solved.

It has been several months now and I have been thoroughly enjoying my nice quiet rear end with no more embarrassing interruptions while talking on the phone.

Searles Automotive is my number one choice for all my vehicle maintenance and issues because no matter what the problem, they always find a way to make it good again.


Wade Roberts

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