I would like to thank Chris and his team at Searles auto for recently helping out a friend of mine.

My friend owns a 2007 Kia Sportage SUV. She has been using the Kia dealership in the past for service but has had a problem with the AC cutting out after 5 minutes that the dealer could not find on the last 2 services.

I suggested she take her car to Searles Auto. Chris’s Mechanics were able to quickly find out the cooling system was leaking and very low on fluid causing the engine to overheat and shut down the AC, this could have led to a much more serious problem of severe engine damage.

My friend was extremely happy the Searles mechanics could find the problem and solve it for a reasonable cost. She was also very happy with the professional service by staff, explaining in detail the work done and a very detailed invoice. This is the 2nd time I have referred a Kia owner to Searles for a problem that the dealer could not find.

Thank you Chris and the team!
Searles Auto has gained another loyal customer!

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