Victoria Auto Repair Reviews at Searles:

I have been using Searles for about 20 years. Staff are always pleasant and very helpful. The best part is always keeping me informed about what’s happening with my car and how things are progressing. I have always trusted them to do a good job. Though I couldn’t get a loaner vehicle this time it was nice to be able to go in early and have a place to wait. I am happy to refer them to anyone who asks!

Cher Beattie – November 2023

We recommend Searles to anyone moving to Victoria and needing vehicle maintenance and repairs. Searles has been trusted by our family for decades. We are thankful that the professional, honest, and friendly team continues to earn the appreciation and respect of their customers year after year.

Paul Kurucz – November 2020

I would like to thank Chris and his team at Searles auto for recently helping out a friend of mine.

My friend owns a 2007 Kia Sportage SUV. She has been using the Kia dealership in the past for service but has had a problem with the AC cutting out after 5 minutes that the dealer could not find on the last 2 services.

I suggested she take her car to Searles Auto. Chris’s Mechanics were able to quickly find out the cooling system was leaking and very low on fluid causing the engine to overheat and shut down the AC, this could have led to a much more serious problem of severe engine damage.

My friend was extremely happy the Searles mechanics could find the problem and solve it for a reasonable cost. She was also very happy with the professional service by staff, explaining in detail the work done and a very detailed invoice. This is the 2nd time I have referred a Kia owner to Searles for a problem that the dealer could not find.

Thank you Chris and the team!
Searles Auto has gained another loyal customer!

Dean Bennett
August 2020

Last year I went through a divorce and was left with a well, lets just say a not so great vehicle. I hate to admit it but, I left my vehicle maintenance/repairs up to my ex husband, and was left feeling a little vulnerable when looking for a mechanic. When I chose to work with Chris and his staff it was the best choice I could have made for myself. He got me in, in a couple days and gave me the facts after inspection. I felt respected and honoured as a woman. Lets face it, I don’t know anything when it comes to a vehicle, but he took the time to explain things in a way I could understand. After a month or two I ended up getting a newer vehicle and he supported me in that process as well (He gave me suggestions according to my needs). Anytime I have gotten work done on a vehicle they have done it quicker and cheaper than they have quoted. I relate to Searle’s Auto as leaders in transforming the relationship women have with their local auto repair shop / mechanics. They give you the facts honestly and care about your wellbeing. They are great at educating you and help you with prevention. I would trust Searle’s with any of my vehicles and would confidently refer to friends, family and my clients. Again thank you so much.

Bailey Sparrow
September 2019

Searles keeps my 30-year old car running in peak condition.  I would not go anywhere else.

Mark Franklin
July 2018

Great shop! Very accommodating and friendly. Family-run, trustworthy and reliable. Thanks for helping us get ready for some road adventures. Our shop for life!!

Dino B.
July 2018

Your staff is very competent and once they’ve diagnosed they contact the customer to discuss the next step. This is especially important to me when they’re servicing our older truck.
I would definitely recommend them to friends.

From NAPA Online Satisfaction Survey
May 2018

My wife, Donna and I wanted to thank you for the great service. It was a very pleasant surprise to pick up a clean vehicle.

Thank until next time.

York & Donna Langerfeld
April 2018

I have been dealing with Searle’s Automotive for close to 2 years now and I’d like to offer a few examples of why they continue to be the #1 rated service garage in Victoria:

  1. Searle’s saves the day:
  • I bought a vehicle that was advertised in pristine condition without getting it inspected. Next day, I decided to get it checked out, just in case.

Searle’s highly skilled auto technician came back with a comprehensive report that detailed over 20 major and minor issues. Their summary:  it was basically a “pig wearing lipstick”. That report helped me to get a full refund from a less-than-honest auto dealer.

  • A few days later, I got Searle’s to inspect another used vehicle. Their comprehensive report helped me negotiate a better price on my purchase.
  • Recently, I was about to leave for a business trip. The afternoon before, the service engine light came on. I called and Searle’s and the service manager had me come in right away to check it out. A signal switch was needed right away. And, I needed to leave my car for my house sitter to use so they could feed my cats while I was away. Searle’s fit the work in right away so the car was ready when needed and  my cats got fed.
  1. Searle’s is fair, timely, honest and upfront
  • Every time I have work done, I receive a clear estimate, an explanation of why the work is needed, and whether the job is needed now or can wait and how long.
  • Searle’s estimates never have any surprises and almost always come in a bit lower than I expected
  • Their prices are fair, lower than the dealer, and they can do warranty work when needed
  • The work is always done on time or sooner than expected
  1. Searle’s cares about its customers and their vehicles
  • As a female, I am always treated with respect at Searle’s. The staff give clear explanations, and don’t talk down to me.
  • The staff are always courteous and friendly, in person and on the phone and have a great sense of humour.
  • They acknowledge my busy schedule and offer rides to my office or a courtesy car.
  • And, by everything they do and say, I always have the assurance that Searle’s staff are committed to keeping my vehicles running right, so costly big repairs are avoided.

I highly recommend Searle’s for reliable, trustworthy care of your vehicle so it keeps running right –from headlight to tailpipe.


Sharon Hall
January 2018

This is to acknowledge the impeccable service I received from Chris Wylie and his team at Searle’s Auto Repair.  A couple of months ago, I noticed a deflation of my passenger side front tire of my 2010, Toyota Matrix.  I brought it in for servicing and was greeted by authentic and genuine smiles from the minute I walked in the door.  As I left, I was told that I’d be contacted by the end of the day to let me know what was needed for servicing.

I was not only called by the end of the day, but the final cost was LOWER than what was originally quoted.  I arrived to pick up my car, paying less than I thought I would, AND came back to a sparkling clean car that had been freshly washed.

I’ve gone through the “big name brands” for servicing in the past and have the experience that I’m being pushed through like a “commodity consumer.”  At Searle’s Auto Repair I had the experience of true human interaction and exceptional customer service.

I recommend anyone who needs servicing on their vehicle to pay a visit to who needs Chris and his team at Searle’s Auto Repair.  You will receive all that you expect – and far beyond.

Thank you, Chris and Team!

Janelle Morrison
September 2017

I’ve gone through the “big name brands” for servicing in the past and have the experience that I’m being pushed through like a “commodity consumer.”  At Searle’s Auto Repair I had the experience of true human interaction and exceptional customer service.

I recommend anyone who needs servicing on their vehicle to pay a visit to  who needs Chris and his team at Searle’s Auto Repair.  You will receive all that you expect – and far beyond

I just wanted to say how pleased I am at the work you did on my 2010 Dodge Challenger. I felt that Jeff treated my car like it was his own. The car is performing awesome. The modifications have improved the enjoyment I have of my car. Many, many thanks to Blake and Jeff.


Mark Skrine
April 2017

I hereby testify that Christ Wylie, owner operator of Searles Auto Repair has provided me with an excellent service. I make a habit out of using Searles for all my car services and repairs. I have been having a situation with my wheel bearings failing. Chris has been great about making sure I am protected by his warranty. He also provides a loaner so I do not miss any business. His staff is always very friendly and helpful. It is a privilege to associate with Chris and I would not hesitate to refer his shop to my friends, family and clients.


Mark Alden Franklin
Edgar and Miner Flooring

So there I am. I’m driving up bear mountain to pick up my date and my car starts shaking. I think to myself, no, no, no! I pick her up, turn my car on, and the check engine light comes on. This is the long weekend, there are no mechanic shops open. I drop off my my date with the people we’re meeting up with and drive to Searles Auto Repair every finger. The shop is closed, but an employee is there picking something up. I shared my situation and to to my great surprise, he agrees to lend me a loaner car at no charge when the shop is closed! I was given a remarkably well-running Chevrolet minivan and went on my merry date with an abundance of seats.

They allowed me to keep the van at no charge until my car was fixed and took it back at no charge even though I managed to spill juice in it! I would highly recommend this repair shop to anyone and everyone.


Jesse Sawyer
BNI Meridian

Over the last year I had been driving my van and noticing an exponential increase in noise from my rear end. It was to the point where conversations on my hands free device were becoming awkward and unmanageable and seeing that I am a business owner and need to carry on professional conversations in my vehicle on a regular basis I needed to rectify this problem fast.

I took my work van to Searles Automotive and Chris and his team found that some of the gearing in my rear end differential was causing this incessant whining and they know how to solve it. After getting my van out of the shop and driving again I was still experience, albeit reduced; noise and vibration from my rear end, so I called Chris and explained to him what I was experiencing and he was very quick to get the van back into the shop and get it solved.

It has been several months now and I have been thoroughly enjoying my nice quiet rear end with no more embarrassing interruptions while talking on the phone.

Searles Automotive is my number one choice for all my vehicle maintenance and issues because no matter what the problem, they always find a way to make it good again.


Wade Roberts

To be very honest my overall life experiences with “mechanics” has been one of disgust, distrust, theft, which left me as a backyard mechanic and if I couldn’t fix it I would just buy another car and scrap the other. Yet to give dishonest mechanics some credit where it’s needed, if it was not for “those guys” I never would have met my wife back in 1997, I had her car fixed for under $200 compared to the $1000+ she was quoted! Glad she did not bring her car to Searles back then because I never would have met her! Age, health, and time go on and I had to face the fact that I just can’t do major repairs anymore fumbling in my driveway. One day I met Chris while buying an RV…. Figured let’s see what happens.

A couple not even worth mentioning glitches came up after work was completed, I didn’t get any flack once I contacted but an instant “we will take care of it!,” even offering to pick up at my house to not inconvenience myself.

Today 5/29/2016 I test drove after Chris returned my RV back to my driveway earlier this week. That 1976 460 Ford hauling a small cottage blasted up to Mill Bay and back with ease, I kept the speed limit up to Shawnigan Lake on the HWY with ease, even passing a struggling RV with me having power to spare, that motor ran strong and perfect after all the work I wanted! New brakes test on the way home coming down hill all the way, let’s just say I have no issues at all. I will let my daughter take it on trips while I am at home and I will sleep at night when it comes to her safety driving my RV!

Will I ever have work done at Searles again??………… YES!
Will I refer Searles??…. YES!
Where do I vote for this best shop of the year award???

~ Regards,
Ted and Deb
May 2016

I am a loyal Honda driver.  I have purchased 4 Hondas and I like to take care of my car.  I thought I was doing that since I was religiously taking it in for its scheduled maintenance.    Then shortly after I had taken it in for servicing I noticed a sound.  So I took it back and told them that there was a sound my car was making especially in lower gears.  They asked me to leave the car with them for a few hours and they would take care of it.  After three hours they called me to say that there was no sound that they could detect and that I could come back and get my car.   Thinking that I was just a girl and didn’t know what cars were supposed to sound like, I went back and picked up my car.

The sound was getting worse.  I spoke to Chris Wylie and asked him to check it out.   After listening to my car for less than five minutes, not only did he hear the sound but told me what was making the sound and what they would need to do to fix it.  Chris quoted me for the work and I made an appointment. The next day I dropped off my car, they loaned me a car for the day so that I could still see my clients and get my job done.  While he had my car the mechanics noticed that it was badly in need of an alignment and a few other things which I had believed were also being taken care of during the servicing being done at the dealership.    The work was done and even with the extra items needed the cost was within the amount quoted to me.

The next day I drove to the BNI meeting.  I got in my car and not once did I have to think about that sound or worry about what it might be.  I arrived at the meeting and realized that it was the first time in a long time that the sound had not been there.  It was also very nice to know that I had not just been hearing things, and that I wasn’t just a girl who didn’t know what a car should sound like.

Thanks to Chris and his excellent staff I can have peace of mind, and Little Susie has a new mechanic.

~Eileen Daniel
April 2016

Dear Ken,
We just wanted to say THANK YOU for the countless times you & your amazing staff have provided us with great service, respect and excellent mechanical work over the many years we’ve been dealing with Searle’s Auto Service.

Margaret Goodwin & Larry Irvine

To Ken and the ladies and gentlemen of Searle’s,
You are the greatest! Thanks so much for the excellent work and exceptional customer service!

from your fan club

Dear Ken,
I want to thank you for making my old Aries run like a Rolls-Royce. In my dealings with you, you have always shown honesty,competence and courtesy. I hope you and your staff have a Happy Holiday Season.

Your sincerely, John, Heerusy

To Ken, Gail Ben and the Searle’s Crew;

Thank you so very much for all your help, support and skill! You’re the greatest.

Colin and Florence

To Searle’s Auto Repairs,

To all you Wonderful guys!!! I came in a little while ago to have my headlights repaired on my Ford Taurus. You did a Great job and the price was excellent. I will definitely pass on your name.

Annelies Vanderkooe

Thank you so very much for superior service and consideration.

Annette Lloyd (Baker)

Words cannot express my relief and gratitude that I felt when you helped me with a healight switch on November 29/04, a dark and wet monday evening. You sir are a gentleman and a truly kind person who helped a lady in her time of need.

Janice Olfelt (Heather Tours)


Thank you so much for your help last week. You saved us a considerable amount of money, and we very much appreciate it and the great service you have given us over the years. We certainly recommend you every chance we get.

Velma & Tony Bass

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know I appreciate the work you’ve done on my ’97 Tacoma. With my most recent visit, you replaced my lower front ball joints, and while I had to shop around because money is tight, you were able to negotiate a price that made things a bit easier for me. I really appreciate that. Thank you. Cheers.

Neil Anderson

Some time ago I went to my auto service company and said that there was something wrong with my brakes. I explained how when I pulled up to a red light, the car lugged to a stop. The service man said that there was probably wear on the brakes but the service schedule would take that into consideration and not to worry. I serviced the car two times after that and didn’t mention the brakes because the service man told me everything would be fine. The third time I took it in for servicing he called me and told me the brakes would have to be replaced as well. I took it in stride and paid the bill but it didn’t sit well with me. Sometime later the problem started all over again. This time there was a new person behind the desk who told me the brake pads were wearing and I should have them replaced before the disks were compromised. Now I knew that they were two separate operations and I could have saved the disks the first time around. What should have been a three hundred dollar job turned into a six hundred dollar job. I was not amused.

About that time I spoke to Chris about this matter and he took the time to listen. I decided I would take my car to him.

When I went into his shop I was impressed by how clean everything was. We discussed my car and I brought my schedule with me. Chris’s schedule was better and I was really pleased with the service. And his prices are better too.

Then I needed new tires. I have racing wheels with extra wide tires and they’re very expensive. I got quotes from a number of places in town and they were around seven hundred dollars for a set of four. Chris was able to find me comparable tires for two hundred dollars less.

For six years I’ve been driving around with a seat belt that was missing the plastic gizmo that keeps the clip from falling to the ground whenever you take the seatbelt off. When I was in Lethbridge I went into the dealership and they told me they would replace it for fifty dollars. I decided to go without.

Then I thought about asking Chris. I thought he might be able to come up with a generic gizmo. Chris often uses generic parts instead of parts from a dealership because of the price break, but also because some of those generic parts are even better than the ones from the dealerships. He did even better. He sent me off to a colleague who carries these parts and this lovely man would not allow me pay him for one tiny little gizmo because “Chris is such a great guy and I do a lot of work for him. We’ve been working together for years.”

Last week I asked Chris if he could clean my wheels. They’re chrome and will become pitted if they aren’t kept clean. He referred me to another of his colleagues. I phoned him and he told me what process he uses and how much it costs. This was not just an acid wash. This job included hand polishing and conditioning so that the wheels would be easier to keep clean at the commercial washes. When I made the appointment to come in and thanked him for the information he said “No problem, Chris is a great guy and I do a lot of work for him. We’ve been working together for years.”

I really love my PT Cruiser and I hope to drive it until I’m forced to hang up my keys. With Chris I feel confident that I’ll be able to do that. If you love your car and want to keep it running in top form, and if you want service you can trust, I suggest you go where I go – to Searle’s Auto Repair.

Carol Kittleson

Dear Chris,

Over the past 6 months I have brought my vehicle to you for servicing for several issues that I felt needed addressing.

One of my concerns was a noise that my vehicle made especially in the early morning when the engine was cold.

Noises are one of my pet peeves in a vehicle. After having my vehicle into the shop for the last time, I felt that the noise was still there and just got busy with business and life.

I truly appreciate the constant telephone calls you made to me in attempts to get my vehicle into the shop, as you said you couldn’t rest until my vehicle was purring like a kitten.

I must admit, it took me a long time to get into the shop, but you stayed in contact with me encouraging me to bring it in.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought it in, you spent a couple of days on it and while the servicing was being done, you provided ne with a courtesy vehicle, which helped me get on with my business.

When I came to pick up my vehicle, I didn’t recognize it. Not only did you get rid of the noise, but it was clean and shiny.

I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to Searle’s as I am confident your top-notch service will have them smiling as well.

Thank you so much!

Susan Faithfull


Wow. Had my brake lights fixed at Searle’s. Cancelled my Mazda appointment for noon as I knew I would not be finished working at Panache by that time.

Drove to Searle’s who said ” you have a broken wire which we will sold and a bulb out. Fixed in 15 minutes……$35.
Mazda knew about the wire and had said replace “cage/ and what have you”
$175 plus needing the car for the entire afternoon ?????

I am annoyed and will not ever ever ever go back. Got that …..ever!!!!!!

Angela Newton


I just want to say we have been using Searle’s since 97′ when we had a car that Sears said’ needed 2 computers costing 2.000. I was recommended to see you , it ended up being points and plugs oil and air filters all costing 239 dollars . THANK YOU for being ‘there for us and never ever being ‘rip offs’ love you guys

Anne Archer xxx


April 25, 2013

Searle’s Auto Repair

Attention: Chris Wylie

Dear Chris,

Once again I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the care and attention you have given to my vehicle.

You never cease to amaze me on knowing what my vehicle needs even though I rush you though the process in my hastiness to get on with my hectic life.

Recently when I approached you in the parking lot at BNI, I made a request for AIR, YES JUST AIR in my tires as I was heading up to Nanaimo for the weekend. You then asked me to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes and  my immediate thought was, 20 minutes just for air. Next thing I know my tire is off and i’m thinking, I JUST ASK FOR AIR.

Your staff found a rusty nail in my tire and I probably wouldn’t have made it even to Duncan. I wish to thank you for always paying attention to DETAIL and keeping my vehicle in top notch condition and me safe.

I would recommend you to anyone Chris, you are truly a master of your craft.

Thank you so very much.


Susan Faithfull


May 28, 2013

To: Chris Wyle Searle’s Auto repair 511 Kelvin Rd Victoria BC

Re: Exceptional Auto service

I would like the to thank Searle’s Auto Service for their exceptional service regarding my Ford Escape. I am a car enthusiast myself and fairly particular about having work done on my vehicles. I took my Ford Escape into Searles to have the crank shaft seal replaced. They were very kind and courteous to deal with. They also gave me a nice leaner car for the day, which is something the dealership does not do. The work was done promptly the same day as they said and the job was very clean and professional. The cost of the work was very reasonable and less than the dealership quote.

I would highly recommend Searle’s Auto Repair to anyone and look forward to doing business with them again.

Yours, Truly

Dean Bennett c.e.t. CEO Compu-Tek Computer services Victoria BC