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The wheels and tires of your car are on the ground at all times, vulnerable to every sharp turn, bump, and pothole on the roads of Victoria. Both tire repair and wheel maintenance are vital to the longevity of your vehicle. Unfortunately, wear and degradation of wheels and tires often happens too slowly to notice – until it’s too late. Faulty tires are the leading vehicle defect reported in highway accidents. Our tire shop has everything you will need to keep your wheels in peak condition.

Maintaining your tires with regular repair seems unnecessary to some, who think that they are wasting money on tires that will get replaced regardless. However, well-maintained tires don’t just make you and everyone in your car safer, they are also cost-efficient, as they drastically increase the lifespan of your tires.

Wheels can become unbalanced or unaligned easily, and it’s often hard to notice until it’s a major problem. The more unbalanced and unaligned your wheels are, the faster they continue to deteriorate. Many people don’t service their wheels until it’s a serious problem, at which point it’s much more expensive to fix.

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Expert technicians, quality service

At Searle’s Auto Repair, your safety is our goal. You can rest assured that all wheel and tire service will be performed by highly trained professionals who use only quality parts. We’ve been providing quality tire repair and wheel service in Victoria BC for over 30 years and are known for our honest, reliable service.

We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau and take great pride in our reputation. Check out our testimonials to hear what some of our customers are saying about our wheel and tire service, as well as our other automotive services.

What we can do

  • Tire Repair
    We will check your tires for punctures, as well as signs of irregular wear that may cause a flat tire in the near future. We will measure the depth of the treads to assess the health of the tire, and we ensure that all tires are at the correct air pressure level.
  • Tire Rotation
    We offer tire rotation, a quick and easy service in which we switch the placement of the tires on your vehicle to ensure even wear. This should be done roughly every 8000 km of driving, but if keeping track of that is a hassle, it can simply be done with each oil change.
  • Puncture Repair
    This is a simple procedure in which we repair a hole that caused tire deflation and bring the air pressure back to the correct level. This service is free for tires that you purchased from us!
  • Tire Shop
    We sell our own tires which, as mentioned above, come with free puncture repair.
  • Wheel Balancing
    If each wheel of your vehicle is carrying a different amount of weight, the tires will wear unevenly, the wheels will become unaligned, and eventually, your vehicle will fail to operate properly altogether. Our service will ensure that your wheels are evenly balanced.
  • Wheel Alignment
    We will ensure that your wheels are straight, forward-facing, and aligned to your steering wheel. The wheels of your vehicle can become unaligned from a single unlucky pothole or speed-bump, so this service should be done regularly, roughly once a year. However, if you notice any alignment irregularities, your vehicle should be brought in immediately.

Peace of Mind Warranty

We stand by our service! That’s why we’re proud to offer the NAPA AUTOPRO Peace of Mind Warranty, which provides you with 12 months/20,000 kilometers of worry-free protection on qualifying parts and labour for your auto repair in Victoria BC.

For over 30 years, Searle’s Auto Repair has been providing high quality, honest service to the Greater Victoria region. To book tire or wheel services (Victoria BC), give us a call at (250) 475-2000 or book online.