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Reliable Wheel and Tire Repair Services in Victoria, BC

Almost everyone needs a tire repair sooner or later. Our wheels are constantly vulnerable to every sharp turn, bump, and pothole around Victoria (and there are many!). This is why both tire repair and wheel maintenance are vital to the longevity of your vehicle’s performance. Unfortunately, the degradation of wheels and tires often happens too slowly to notice – until it’s too late. Wheels become unbalanced or unaligned, and the longer you leave them, the faster they continue to deteriorate. Many people don’t service their wheels until minor repairs become serious problems, at which point it’s much more expensive to fix.


Maintaining your tires with regular repairs can seem unnecessary to some, who think that they are wasting money on tires that will get replaced regardless. However well-maintained tires don’t just keep you and your passengers safe, it’s in fact more cost-efficient, as proper upkeep will extend their lifespan.


Searles Auto’s tire repair shop offers everything you need to keep your wheels in optimal, road-safe condition.

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Victoria’s Wheel and Tire Repair Shop – Expert Technicians, Superior Service

If you’re in need of vehicle maintenance in Victoria, you’re in the right place. Searles Auto Repair is Victoria BC’s shop for wheel and tire repairs, as well as preventative maintenance work.

Our skilled team follows manufacturers’ service intervals and product specifications to guarantee a job well done. We remain up to date on the latest technologies, so that we’re able to customize maintenance services and eliminate potential problems down the road. Therefore, we provide a viable alternative to dealerships for tire repairs.

At Searles Auto Repair, your safety is our goal. You can rest assured that all wheel and tire services will be performed by highly trained professionals who use only quality parts. We’ve been providing exceptional tire repair and wheel service in Victoria BC for over 30 years and are known for our honest, reliable work.

We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau and take great pride in our reputation. Check out our testimonials to hear what some of our customers are saying about our wheel and tire service, as well as our other automotive services.


Our Services – What We Can Do for You:

  • Tire Repair

    We will check your tires for punctures, as well as signs of irregular wear that may cause a flat tire in the near future. We will measure the depth of the tread to assess the health of the tire, and we ensure that all tires are at the correct air pressure level.

  • Tire Rotation

    We offer tire rotation, a quick and easy service in which we switch the placement of the tires on your vehicle to ensure even wear. This should be done roughly every 8000 km of driving, but if keeping track of that is a hassle, it can simply be done with each oil change.

  • Puncture Repair

    This is a simple procedure in which we repair a hole that caused tire deflation and bring the air pressure back to the correct level. This service is free for tires that you purchased from us!

  • Wheel Balancing

    No two tires are the same and need to be balanced. When the wheel/tire assembly is of equal in weight as possible, the tire will roll smoothly. This helps improve tread wear and contributes to overall ride comfort. An out-of-balance wheel/tire assembly will cause uneven and faster tread wear, poor fuel economy, or vibration in the steering wheel and/or floorboard that gets worse at faster speeds. Our service will ensure that your wheels are evenly balanced.

  • Wheel Alignment

    We will ensure that your wheels are straight, forward-facing, and aligned to your steering wheel. The wheels of your vehicle can become unaligned from a single pothole or speed bump, so this service should be done regularly, roughly once a year. However, if you notice any alignment irregularities, make sure to request an appointment with a mechanic right away.

  • We Sell Tires!

    We sell various brands of tires which, as mentioned above, come with free puncture repair when purchased through our shop.

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Maintenance Tips to Prevent Your Tires from Needing Repairs

To avoid needing tire repairs, proper maintenance is key. Here are some tips to keep your vehicle on the road for longer, and out of the auto shop:

  • Always keep tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level to prevent undue wear. Doing so also improves vehicle handling and even reduces fuel consumption.
  • It is beneficial to rotate your tires periodically in order to increase their longevity and enhance their performance. It is typically suggested to do so after every 8,000-10,000 km or every six months.
  • The right type of tires should also be used for each season – check out our blog post on the difference between all-season, all-weather, and winter tires.
  • It is recommended to get a wheel alignment done every year or every 25,000 km of driving. This is due to the fact that regular bumps and jolts from everyday driving, such as potholes and railroad crossings, can cause the tires to become misaligned over time. A proper wheel alignment helps to prevent uneven/faster tread wear.
  • Significant damage to the sidewalls is usually not repairable, therefore it is important to frequently monitor your tires for cracks, tears, punctures, and/or irregular bulges.
  • Age of the tire is important. A tire 10 years old or older won’t have the ability to grip the road like a new tire. The rubber compound in the tire becomes hard over time and simply won’t grip the road. Each tire has a date code and our techs can tell you the age of your tires.


For more information, contact Searles Auto and ask the wheel repair experts for advice. The technicians at our repair shop can help ensure your tires are being properly maintained to eliminate the need for frequent repairs.



As a woman, I truly appreciate the honest service provided by Searle’s, and appreciate that they speak to me as a car owner and never make me feel like they don’t think I know anything about cars.  I like that they contact me with updates on my service and let me know what must be done right away for safety sake, what should be done soon, and they never try to force me into more than I need.  Integrity is huge to me and I know the owner, Chris, has great integrity.”

-Clare Martin (Local Customer)


Why Choose Searles Auto Shop for Your Wheel and Tire Repair Needs?

At Searles’ Auto, we take the dread and worry out of vehicle repairs. Our professional technicians will walk you through what needs to be done, step by step. We’re known for our honesty and high quality of work and take great pride in our reputation.

Peace of Mind Warranty

We stand by our service! That’s why we’re proud to offer the NAPA AUTOPRO Peace of Mind Warranty, which provides you with 24 months/40,000 kilometers of worry-free protection on qualifying parts and labour for your wheel repair in Victoria, BC.

For over 30 years, Searle’s Auto Repair has been providing high-quality, honest service to the Greater Victoria region. To book your next tire repair, give us a call at (250) 475-2000 or request an appointment online.