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Your vehicle’s transmission is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that is designed to last a long time. But like any other machine, it will eventually wear out and need repair.

Whatever the problem, driving with a transmission that requires repair is not good for your vehicle and, in the long run, not good for your pocketbook either. Transmission problems have a way of getting worse if they are not repaired right away.

Searles Auto Repair is Victoria BC’s shop for Transmission Service and preventative maintenance work.

If you suspect your transmission is having issues, you can count on the team at Searle’s Auto. We perform transmission repair in Victoria BC and will get your vehicle up and running as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our mechanics stay current with the latest technology and transmission repair procedures and use only the highest quality parts. It’s service you can trust!


Common Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Transmission:

It is key to understand the common signs and symptoms of a bad transmission because early detection can prevent further damage, saving you time and money. If you are noticing any of the following symptoms in your vehicle, your transmission may need maintenance or repair:

  • Trouble Shifting Gears: If your car is not shifting as smoothly as it should, there may be a problem with your transmission. It is common to notice shifting issues if your transmission fluid level is low or you are using the wrong kind of transmission fluid.
    • Note: Not all transmission fluid is the same – each vehicle operates best on a specific type of fluid – to find out what kind of transmission fluid is recommended for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual.
  • Shaking, Humming, or Grinding Noises: If you have an automatic transmission and you are noticing grinding or shaking as the gears change, it is likely the transmission.
  • Burning Smells Coming from Vehicle: If you are noticing a burning odor coming from your car, it could be because your transmission is not functioning optimally and is overheating. Often, this occurs because of old transmission fluid. If you notice any sort of burning smell, make sure to request an appointment with a mechanic right away
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid: Often a small leak in the transmission system can cause your transmission fluid level to fall below the recommended threshold. When this happens, performance issues will soon follow. If you notice a leak under your vehicle and the fluid is red in colour, you have a transmission fluid leak. To see the colour of the leaking fluid, it is helpful to put a piece of paper towel or cardboard under your vehicle.


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Preventative Transmission Maintenance

If you’re diligent about regular maintenance and take care of small leaks as soon as they happen, your transmission will last as long as possible. And for you, that means you could potentially save thousands in costly repairs.

Our technicians can inspect your transmission fluid level with a full-service oil change and top-off if needed. As well, we can perform regularly scheduled transmission service and fluid exchanges to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

If you see any transmission fluid on the driveway—it’s a reddish color—have us inspect it for a leak. A gasket, hose or seal could be leaking, and you may need to schedule a minor transmission repair at our shop in Victoria BC.

Regular transmission maintenance will cut down on future mechanical repairs and allow you to drive as safely and economically as possible. Whether you have an automatic, manual, or continuously variable transmission (CVT), we’ve got you covered. If you suspect a leak or want to find out if it’s time for a transmission service, do not hesitate to request an appointment today.


“I am super happy with the service. Thank you to Chris and the whole team. The whole service was smooth. The car drop-off/pick-up is very convenient and allowed me to get my car repaired during a workday without having to drive. Would recommend.”

Jayson Postle – Local Guide


Why Choose Searles Auto for Your Transmission Maintenance and Repair Needs?

At Searles’ Auto, we take the dread and worry out of transmission repair. Our professional technicians will walk you through what needs to be done, step by step. We’re known for our honesty and high quality of work and take great pride in our reputation. Want to hear what our customers are saying? Check out our testimonials.

Peace of Mind Warranty

We stand by our service! That’s why we’re proud to offer the NAPA AUTOPRO Peace of Mind Warranty, which provides you with 24 months/40,000 kilometers of worry-free protection on qualifying parts and labour for your transmission repair in Victoria BC.

For over 30 years, Searle’s Auto Repair has been providing high-quality, honest service to the Greater Victoria region. To book a transmission repair (Victoria BC), give us a call at (250) 475-2000 or request an appointment online.