Mayson’s Traffic Safety Tips for Moms and Dads

Hi! Mayson here with another blog! This time I’m talking about something really, really important – traffic safety!

Traffic Safety for Moms and Dads (and Kids)

I love going for walks with Mommy, but walking beside the road can be scary – especially when you’re small and hard to spot like me! That’s why I printed off ICBC’s Traffic Safety Tips for Parents and Drivers and put it on the fridge for everyone to read.  Here’s what I learned!

traffic safety tips for kids

  1. Pay attention
    I love to play on the iPad and listen to music, but when I go for a walk, it’s time to put any distractions away! Mommy says it’s important to always look where I’m going, and to keep an eye on what the cars are doing – especially when I’m crossing the road!
  1. Look for a Safe Place to Cross
    The best place to cross the street is at a crosswalk or traffic light. I love pressing the buttons that let the cars know we’re coming – especially the ones that make noise! Remember: Even when you think it’s your turn to go, it’s always important to look both ways and make sure the cars have stopped.  Don’t forget to follow the pedestrian signals! If you see the orange hand, it’s not safe to go!
  1. Wear Something Bright
    One of my favourite things about going for a walk is putting on my shiny yellow rain jacket! It’s important to wear something bright so that cars can always see you.  On days where it’s darker out, Mommy likes to carry a little flashlight or put a big, shiny sticker on my backpack! (She calls it a reflector.)
  1. Find a Safe Place to Walk
    Mommy and I stay on the inside edge of the sidewalk when we walk – that way we’re further away from the road.  Sometimes though, there is no sidewalk! When that happens, Mommy holds my hand and we walk facing traffic so that we can always see the drivers, and they can always see us!
  1. Look Out for Parked Cars
    It’s always important to be careful around cars – even when they’re parked! Never run inside a parking lot – and always check to make sure a car isn’t backing out when you pass behind it.  Parking lots are really, really busy, and that can means it’s difficult for everyone to see.  Go slow and pay attention! (I like to hold Mommy’s hand so I don’t get lost.)


 Tips for Drivers

Daddy says it’s important for drivers to follow the rules to keep kids like me safe!  Here’s what he says is important:

Driving Test

  1. Watch for School Zones
    When Daddy takes me to school, he’s drives really slow. He says that all drivers need slow down to 30 km from 8am to 5pm during the school year.  It’s important to watch eye out for kids playing on the side of the road – sometimes we’re fast and hard to see!
  1. Stop for the School Bus
    I love watching the big yellow school bus! Daddy says that when the lights are flashing, we have to stop the car and wait for all the kids to get off the bus – even when it looks like we have room to pass. It’s the law!
  1. Pedestrians Have the Right of Way
    This one’s important! Pedestrians always have the right of way at stop signs, crosswalks and intersections – so keep your eyes peeled, or you might get a ticket!  Don’t forget that if you see a vehicle stop, you should slow down and make sure it’s safe before going. Sometimes the cars around us are stopping for pedestrians we can’t see!
  1. Find a Safe Place to Stop
    Crossing the street alone can be scary (not to mention dangerous!).  If I have to get out of the car, Daddy drops me off on the sidewalk right beside the spot where I’m going. I should never have cross the street by myself!
  1. Watch out behind you
    Before getting into your car, walk around and check if any kids are playing nearby. Be extra, extra careful when backing up – go slow and give us time to see you and move out of the way!

Well that’s all for now! I’m headed out for a walk with Mommy to put all these tips to good use! (Now where’s my yellow jacket?)

traffic safety tips for kids