Mayson On Why Every Family Needs a Minivan

I really, really want a minivan! Dad said no and mumbled something about it “cramping his style”.  Silly Dad! Since when are parents supposed to have style?

I knew the minivan was the coolest vehicle around, but it was going to take some convincing to get dad on board. That’s why I asked nicely for some computer time so I could make write this list of reasons why our family needs a minivan! 

why every family should get a minivan

It’s easy to get in and out of:

Minivans were made for kids! First of all, they’re low to the ground, so Daddy won’t need to lift me in and out – I can do it all on my own!

And who can forget the sliding doors? They open up really, really wide, making it easy to load up things like car seats, bags or whatever you need! (Especially now that they open with the touch of a button!) Plus, my parents won’t have to worry about a door swinging open into something in a crowded parking lot, or worse, accidentally shutting on someone’s little hand!

There’s more space

Minivans are ENORMOUS, and that means lots of extra space for long trips! (Did I mention I bring A LOT of special activities and games?) There are all sorts of easy to reach places to put my toys and snacks – like extra cupholders, door compartments, and even spaces in the floor! Plus, with extra seats in the back, my mom can make a nice quiet nap space for me when I need to a break from Daddy’s radio sing-alongs.

A minivan is also the perfect vehicle for family visits. The next time Grandma and Grandpa come to town, we can travel together instead of taking separate vehicles. Just think of how handy that would be! (Plus, I can give everyone my special guided tour of all the best spots in town – like Searles!)

It can transform

Did you know minivans are magic? It’s true! With the ability to flip seats down and up, you can turn a minivan into a truck or a minibus whenever and wherever you need it! That means we’ll have lots of room for boring adult stuff (like trips to the hardware or furniture store) and fun kid’s stuff (like giving my entire birthday party or soccer team a ride!)

And if my parents are worried about things getting noisy with so many passengers in the back, they can just drop down the built-in movie screens most minivans come with. (You won’t hear a peep out of us – I promise!)

It’s safe

Minivans are safe because they’re big and strong.  They’re also low to the ground, making them less likely to roll during an accident like other big vehicles.

Plus with the ability to separate arguing siblings (which I would never do), you get less distractions while driving!

And even though a minivan is bigger than our family car, it’s easy to see behind you thanks to back up cameras. (So no one has to worry about accidentally backing over mom’s petunias. Again.)

It can save money!

Did you know that a minivan is cheaper than an SUV? Not only that, but it gets better gas mileage and costs less for insurance! Just think of all the extra money you’ll have for toys, Daddy!

Well, that’s it for now!  Be sure to put in your favourites, and if you have any “Grown Up” questions about your car, truck, van you can always call us (250) 475-2000, or book an appointment online at: