Mayson’s Blog: “Are we THERE yet?!…”

Summer Road Trip

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by.  Summer’s finally here I’m ready for a Road Trip! The first thing you should do is book an appointment for Searles’ summer maintenance. I asked Daddy about it, and he said: “it’s best to call (250) 475-2000 and get the car in at least 2 weeks before leaving. This service includes an oil-lube & filter change.  We rotate your tires and do a comprehensive multi-point visual inspection, all for  $99.95 plus tax. But that’s not all:  Everyone who books before August 31st will be entered to WIN one of 75 Toro Lawnmowers.”

VROOM! Now that’s cool.  OK, I’ve got lots more great advice for you, so let’s get started. Remember: It’s VERY HOT inside all cars at this time of year.  I like wearing shorts, we all do…but sometimes, the seats are just too hot to sit on!  Car shades stick on any window and can help keep you cool.  So can a windshield visor.  These same visors can also be turned around to help stop frost build up in winter. WINTER? OOPS!  I can’t believe I just said that…silly Mayson!

WOOF! WOOF!  (Ted and Dobby) remind pet parents everywhere: When temperatures reach the mid-20s outside, it can FEEL like mid-40s in your vehicle – even with the windows down in the shade! So for everyone’s safety, please repeat after me: “I promise, to never, ever leave puppies (or kids) alone in a parked car!”

Let’s talk “CAR SEATS”

You can switch to a front-facing car seat, when you’re “2” or when you reach the seat’s weight or height limit.  And the safest place to put it…is in the “centre” of your back seat.  Dad says “I’m growing like a bad weed!” I think that means: I’m such a big girl, that I’ve outgrown mine. So I’m all buckled up in a Booster Seat now!

True or False? If my baby brother starts crying while Daddy’s driving, it’s better to take him out of the seat for a while.

Answer: FALSE.  Kids should never be taken out of their car seats – not even for a minute – while the car is moving. Our safety depends on being properly restrained at all times.  You should always find a safe place to pull over…then hit the road again when everything’s A-OK.

Lastly, don’t forget to double-check the car seat  Mom says kids can get “fidgety”.  It’s true, we don’t mean to but we like to push buttons and play with car-seat straps, especially on long trips. Each time you strap us back in, double-check to see whether the straps have loosened or that the harness buckle is still in the right place. The harness system should be tight enough around us, so you can’t pinch a portion of the strap between your fingers.

Got it?  Good.  Now onto the really important stuff: SNACKS & DRINKS and ENTERTAINMENT!

Mayson’s Top Summer Travelling Tip: “Kids Need Water!”

Sometimes when it’s hot, I get tired.  That’s when I know it’s time to get out of the sun and drink more water!  Mom makes sure I start my day with a full glass of water.  Juice, milk and lemonade is good too but not coffee.  Coffee’s yucky and full of caffeine, which is (big word alert): dehydrating!

This next part is super important: Pack suitcases and strollers in the trunk the night before, but keep fun stuff like toys, bottles, sippy cups & snacks, colouring books and movies close by – because the last thing you want to hear is: “Are we there yet?”

Speaking of Snacks: Why not pack a lunch and have a Picnic along the way!  Vancouver Island has some beautiful places to visit heading up to Nanaimo, and all the way to Tofino.  Mom always packs healthy snacks like carrots, grapes, cherries, pretzels & trail mix…and I like fresh popcorn too!

“I’m bored…there’s nothing to do!!”

I know from experience, that’s something Moms & Dads don’t like to hear at all.  So here are some games to play along the way:

I Spy: Start with: “I spy with my little eye and the color is….” or how about “The Animal Game”: One person thinks of an animal, and others take turns guessing what it could be.

The Alphabet Game: Look for letters on road signs and billboards, starting with the letter “A” and make your way all the way through the alphabet.  “A” is for APPLE! “B” is  for “BEE”…and the last one who gets to Zed…WINS!  That’s a toughie, because I don’t see too many Zebras out there, hahaha.

The License-Plate Game: Try to spot license plates from as many provinces and states as you can. Whoever spots the most wins.

Name That Tune: Hum a nursery rhyme or a Disney Song and see who can guess the fastest!

And older kids like The Question Game!  Ask things like: “If you won a MILLION dollars, what would you do with it?”…OR: “If you could pick only one food to eat FOREVER, what would it be?”

Last year, Daddy even wrapped “surprises” for us from the dollar store.  Then if we were good, he’d call out our names and we’d get to pick something out of the “magic suitcase” once an hour!  This year, I’d like a Hula Hoop!  Just kidding, hula hoops are too big to pack. Besides, we need room for pool noodles bathing suits, water-wings, flip-flops, sunglasses and sunscreen!

Be sure to put our website in your favourites and check back often.  And of you have any “Grown Up” questions about your vehicle, you can always book an appointment at: or call us (250) 475-2000. ‘Til next time…we’ll see you at The Beach!