Mayson’s Guide to Road Trip Activities for Kids

We’re going on a road trip! According to Daddy that’s a really, really long car ride – at least an hour.  Maybe even TWO hours!

My parents are going crazy packing suitcases, and snacks, and even my PJs! (Does this mean we’re going to Disneyland?) I asked Daddy what we do during the road trip.  He said there are lots of fun things! We can talk, and listen to the radio and there’s always lots to look at out the window.

Uh, Daddy? That’s boring…

I started to get a little worried about this whole ‘road trip’ thing, so while my dad took the family car in for pre-trip tune up, I pulled out my crayons and came up with some of my own ideas. It turns out there are a lots of fun things for kids to do on a long car ride!  Read More