Simple Preventative Car Maintenance Tips: What You Need to Do and When

Auto Class Is in Session

Want to save a bundle on future repairs?

Extend the life of your car?

Keep your car happy?  Keep YOU happy?

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What Salamanders Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Auto Repair Price Shopping



Ahh, salamanders. The sharks of the wetlands. Cruising the waters and hunting down all sorts of tasty critters. They’re lean, they’re a little mean, and they’re cold-blooded killers.

Okay, and they’re cute. Really cute. And they sure can teach us a lot about auto repair and the dangers of price shopping.
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How to Google Your Way to an Honest Auto Repair Shop in BC

When your car breaks down, the last thing you want to do is waste time. Your car is your ticket to freedom, and without it, it’s easy to feel a little stuck.

Well, good news. Thanks to a little invention called Google (you may have heard of it), it’s never been faster or easier to find a shop that’ll have your car up and running in no time—and for a long time.

Besides, if Google can pinpoint the exact location of your bedroom, surely it can point you in the direction of an honest and reliable auto repair shop, right?

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Thank You to Our Customers for Another Great Year

At Searles Auto Repair we’re honoured to serve Victoria. In 2013, we received another award from best automotive service from Victoria News. What does 2014 have in store?

Motorist Assurance Program Canada – What is it?

The Motorist Assurance Program has essentially provided the standards the auto repair industry has long needed. The industry recognized that need, and came together and developed a series of Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards. The guidelines give consumers the information they need to make an educated decision on repairs for their vehicle. The customer and shop technician together use the guidelines to agree on the work the shop will do on his or her vehicle, thus eliminating confusion or mistrust.


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New Free Roadside Assistance Program

We now offer FREE roadside assistance!! Drop by to find out more about this amazing program!


napa roadside assistance

New Vehicle Just Introduced to Canada

We are excited to be an authorized maintenance/repair center for this new vehicle.

Brake Pad Wear Simplified

There’s no set schedule for replacing your vehicle’s brake pads.

Wear and tear depends on so many things, such as your vehicle type, driving habits and operating conditions. Even the area in which you live has an effect. If you’re a city driver with lots of stop and go, your brake pads will wear out more quickly than a highway driver’s. The same goes for drivers who often brake while travelling down steep hills.

With so many factors affecting your brake pads, how do you know when they’ve had enough?

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Brake Rotors 101: How to Recognize a Bad Rotor

We had a vehicle in the other day with the complaint of noisy brakes and a poor brake pedal. After performing a four wheel brake inspection, we discovered the problem. The right front inner brake pad had worn the rotor almost to the fins! Here is a picture of what a brake rotor should look like. Note the thickness of the rotor on either side of the fins. Read More