New Vehicle Just Introduced to Canada

We are excited to be an authorized maintenance/repair center for this new vehicle.

Brake Pad Wear Simplified

There’s no set schedule for replacing your vehicle’s brake pads.

Wear and tear depends on so many things, such as your vehicle type, driving habits and operating conditions. Even the area in which you live has an effect. If you’re a city driver with lots of stop and go, your brake pads will wear out more quickly than a highway driver’s. The same goes for drivers who often brake while travelling down steep hills.

With so many factors affecting your brake pads, how do you know when they’ve had enough?

By listening and looking. Read More

A Guide to Brake Rotors

We had a vehicle in the other day with the complaint of noisy brakes and a poor brake pedal. After performing a four wheel brake inspection, we discovered the problem. The right front inner brake pad had worn the rotor almost to the fins! Here is a picture of what a brake rotor should look like. Note the thickness of the rotor on either side of the fins. Read More