Searles Auto’s Free EV Charging Station

silver nissan leaf plugged into ev charging station at searles auto

Electric vehicles continue to increase in popularity in Canada and around the world, as people are increasingly looking to save money at the pump and are switching to more environmentally friendly options. With the weather getting warmer, and long summer road trips just around the corner, it is important your Electric Vehicle or hybrid is properly maintained and well charged, so that you don’t get stranded in one of Vancouver Island’s beautiful (but remote) locations.

At Searles Auto, we are always looking for ways to improve on our track record of making our customer’s lives’ easier and more convenient, so we have added an EV charging station at our Auto repair shop – 517 Kelvin Rd Victoria, BC. Come check out our charging station today – it is free to use for all customers! And, if you are having issues with your electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle, we’ve got you covered – Searles Auto has a team of professional mechanics specializing in EV and hybrid vehicle repair. If you need assistance with your electric car, call or make an appointment online today.

Searles Auto Leviton Electric Vehicle Charging Station Mounted on Wall

Instructions for Charging Your Electric Vehicle:

To start charging your vehicle, simply press and hold the black button at the top of charging plug and push it into the inlet on your vehicle. When you are done charging, all you need to do is press the black button again, remove the plug from your car, and re-wrap the charging cord on the wall for the next person to use.

EV Models and Compatibility:

Our Leviton EVR30-B18 electric vehicle (EV) charging station was installed at our shop in 2020, and will provide fast charging on any SAE J1772 compatible vehicles – free for all customers. This standard J1772 electric vehicle plug-in will work with modern EVs and hybrids, including Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt, Ford EV models, Kia Soul EV, Fiat 500e, Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e PHEV, electric Toyota Prius models, and more.

Electric Charging Station Specifications:

  • Circuit Breaker: 40A
  • Intensity: 30A
  • Voltage: 208-240 V ac

Happy Charging!

COVID-19 Status Update: We Are Open!

Searles Auto is open for business again after temporarily closing due to COVID-19. All services for the time being include complementary sanitation of your vehicle, and pick up and delivery of your vehicle for a $30 flat fee. Give us a call at (250) 475-2000 to book an appointment.

Stay safe and stay inside, and we’ll get through this together!

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Our Spring-Summer Service Special contest is still on until August 31, 2018. Book now and enter to win one of 75 Toro 22 inch lawn mowers!

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