Tis the Season… for Soaring Gas Prices!

Soaring gas prices Victoria

We hear it all the time: “Wasting a quarter-tank, just to save 5-cents a litre at Costco… who has time for that?!” 

While there’s lots of pain at the gas pumps right now, here’s some great advice to help you save money year-round despite soaring gas prices:

Check the owner’s manual

Dealerships provide a list of recommended services and timeline in which to get things done.  Searles qualified service technicians can help with that.  We also specialize in warranty-approved maintenance!

It’s easier than ever to get the quality service you want, from people you can trust.

Looking to minimize your carbon footprint?

Your vehicle can burn up to 30% more fuel if proper maintenance isn’t performed regularly, so book a regular engine check-up.  Corroded battery cables cause the alternator to work harder, using more gas. So it’s best to have them cleaned with each check-up.

Between visits? Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel, and their rolling resistance can increase by 5%. And SUV owners should consider switching from a patterned off-road tread to a fuel efficient highway tread.

Check what octane is suggested for your particular make and model. Octane ratings measure fuel’s ability to resist engine knock, but the higher the octane, the higher the price.

Only about 6% of cars sold need premium gas. Resist the urge to buy higher octane gas for “premium” performance.

When filling up, keep the hose in the tank until after the pump shuts off.  Then be sure to allow all the fuel to pour out. As much as a ¼ cup can pour from the hose.  You paid for it, so don’t leave a drop.

Packing to leave? Remember the lighter the load, the lower the fuel consumption and emissions. An extra 46 kilos (100 lbs) in the trunk reduces your car’s fuel economy by 1 to 2%. Not using your roof rack? Why not leave it at home until your next trip? Carrying excess weight wastes fuel.

Don’t idle for more than a minute

Idling consumes anywhere from half to a full gallon of gas per hour and needlessly pumps CO2 into the atmosphere. The modern engine consumes less fuel turning off-and-on than idling for extended periods of time.

Car idling in traffic

To effectively warm up an engine, simply start the engine, wait for 20 seconds to build up the oil pressure and drive away.

Speaking of driving, did you know you can save up to 6% in fuel consumption by using “Cruise Control” on the highway? Avoid excessive high speeds. At 120 km/h, a vehicle uses about 20% more fuel than at 100 km/h. Also: maintain a steady speed. Frequently varying your speed can really affect your tank and lead to higher consumption. The harder you accelerate the more fuel you consume.  So accelerate gently, and coast to decelerate. The same goes for braking. “Jackrabbit” starts and stops can increase fuel consumption by up to 40%

Speaking of highway driving: Speeding not only leads to unwanted tickets and run-ins with the law, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds and by 5% in town.  According to the US Department of Energy and the EPA’s website on fuel economy: you can save up to $477 a year (or between 13 and 89 cents a gallon) depending on how you drive.

This next part comes right from the A/C Repair services link on our website.

These are warning signs that your car’s air conditioning system may be failing:

  • Rough idling or high engine temperatures whenever you run the A/C
  • A fan or blower that’s louder than usual; dash controls that don’t work
  • Musty odors and/or water on the floor

If you’ve noticed any of these things or book our summer maintenance special call (250) 475-2000.  Get an Oil-Lube and Filter change, tire rotation and comprehensive multi-point visual inspection all for just 99.95+tax before August 31st, and you’ll also be entered-to-win you’ll be entered-to-win one of 75 Toro Lawnmowers.

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Bob Heyes contest winner

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Announcing the Searles Spring-Summer Maintenance Contest Winner

Congratulations to Gavin Larson, who entered the draw for our Spring-Summer Maintenance Special and won an iRobot Roomba. Enjoy your clean floors, Gavin!

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