7 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Fall

For most people, autumn’s arrival means digging out the wool sweaters, scarves and warm, sugary pumpkin-based drinks.  At Searles, we like to prep for fall in our way – usually by putting on our extra-warm our coveralls and giving our vehicles a head to toe inspection.

Car Tips for Fall

Cooler temperatures, fading daylight and wet roads can all impact driving habits, so it’s important to give your vehicle the proper seasonal upkeep it needs to ensure your safety on the road.  Read on for our fall maintenance tips!

  1. Check Your Tires

Car Tire Tips for Fall

After a long, dry summer, it’s easy to forget that we live on the ‘wet’ coast.  With no rains to wash away accumulations of dust and oil from roads, the first few rains of a season can turn a seemingly benign street into a slippery mess.

While slowing down and giving yourself ample time to stop is the best way to avoid a collision, a properly inflated tire makes it easier to handle safe hazardous conditions behind the wheel. (Not to mention, it will improve the life of your tire treads.)

As the weather continues to cool it’s important to regularly check your tires as colder temperatures can speed up pressure loss. Bonus: A properly inflated tire means less resistance while driving, and therefore more fuel savings. (And think of all the pumpkin-spiced lattes you can buy with that!)

  1. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Car Tips for Fall Wipers

Chances are your wipers haven’t been used in a while, so any lurking issues from last spring may have been forgotten. Worn blades won’t do much against autumn rains so make sure the rubber blade is still flexible.  If you find that your wipers are stiff or cracked, replace them immediately.

  1. Do a Light Check

Car Tips for Fall Brakes

Longer nights and darker days means maintaining your vehicle’s visibility at all times.  Check that all your lights are working (including daytime running lights), then use a cloth to clean away any summer dust that inevitably built up on those summer road trips.

  1. Wash Your Windshield

Car Tips for Fall Windshield

While autumn light is lauded by photographers, it’s a different matter when it comes to driving.  Over the fall months, the sun moves closer to the horizon, conveniently angling glare at eye level.  Any windshield streaks will be amplified by this light, making it more difficult to see where you’re going.  Solve this problem by regularly washing your windows and keeping a pair of sunglasses handy.

  1. Check Your Heater and Defroster

    Car Tips for Fall Vents

As the fall’s dampness sets in, your vehicle is more likely to see fogged up windows.  A properly working defroster is critical to keeping your front and rear windows clear while driving.  And be sure to check that your heater is functioning properly before the really cold weather sets in – nobody likes driving to work in a parka.

  1. Store Your Vehicle

Storing Your Vehicle for Fall

Planning to put that convertible into hibernation once the weather turns? While a climate controlled space isn’t necessary, it’s important to choose a dry area free from moisture.  Be sure clean your vehicle and top up any fluids before stowing it away. (And don’t forget the antifreeze!)

For batteries being stored for an extended period of time, consider getting a trickle charger to preserve your battery without overcharging it.

  1. Change Your Oil

As temperatures drop, oil has a tendency to become thicker and more viscous, putting strain on the engine.  New oil is less likely to suffer the effects of cold weather, and will keep your engine running smoothly.

Need help changing your own oil?  You’re in luck! Searle’s Fall Service Special includes an oil, lube and filter change, tire rotation and multi-point visual inspection for $99.95 (plus tax).   For more information, or to book an appointment, contact us here.

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