Is Your Car Trying to Tell You Something?

Whether you drive a used car or a new car, it will wear down as time passes.

If your car is suddenly making a new noise, it’s probably trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore this new noise as it could end up costing you more in the long run. Instead, listen carefully to it, what exactly does this noise sound like?

Use the following guide to accurately describe it to your auto mechanic.

Noise NameSounds Like . . .
BangingSlamming a wooden screen door
BongingStriking a large gong
BoomingDistant thunder
BuzzingA swarm of bees
ChafingRubbing dry hands together
ChatteringWindshield wipers sweeping a dry windshield
ChirpingA cricket calling
ClackingA railroad car rolling down a track
ClangingA cow bell or dinner bell ringing
ClankingDropping a heavy wrench on a concrete floor
ClappingPatting your hands together
ClashingStriking a pair of cymbals together
ClatteringDropping wood blocks on a concrete floor
ClickingFlipping a light switch on and off
ClinkingEmpty bottles hitting each other
ClunkingSlamming a heavy wooden door
CrackingA tree branch snapping loose
CracklingLogs burning in a fireplace
CreakingSwinging open a rusty-hinged gate
CroakingA bullfrog calling
CrunchingWalking on gravel
DroningA small plane flying in the distance
DrummingNervous fingers tapping on a desk
FlutteringA flag flapping in the wind
GratingRaking a shovel over pavement
GrindingA garbage disposal running
GroaningStepping on old floorboards
GrowlingA guard dog ready to attack
GurglingWater going down a bathtub drain
HissingAir leaking from a tire
HootingAn owl calling
HowlingWind blowing through a cracked open door
HummingA high-voltage transformer at work
JinglingLoose coins in your pocket
KnockingRapping your knuckles on a wooden door
MoaningBlowing across the mouth of an empty jug
Oil-canningFlexing a metal gasoline can
PatteringRain drops hitting a window pane
PingingMarbles rolling around in a can
PoppingOpening a champagne bottle
PoundingSlamming your fist on a desktop
RappingA gavel striking a sound block
RattlingShaking a box of loose candy
RoaringA raging river
RumblingClothes tumbling in a dryer
ScratchingRubbing two pieces of sandpaper together
ScreechingRunning your fingernails across a chalkboard
SlappingHitting the water with the flat side on an oar
SqueakingWalking across a hardwood floor with wet shoes
SquealingTires making a hard, fast turn
TickingA mechanical clock keeping time
WhiningA distant siren
WhistlingA tea kettle at full boil
ZappingA short, quick buzz

So, if you or a family member has noticed an odd car noise, next time you jump into your car, forget about turning on the radio (Spotify, XM or Pandora) and just listen to what your car is trying to tell you.  Whether it’s a squeal or a hiss, some noises may lead to more costly repair bills than if you were to deal with them sooner.

If you have any questions or concerns about the noises coming from your car, come see us at Searles Auto Repair in Victoria, BC. Our friendly experts are always here to help! You can also give us a call at 1-250-475-2000 or schedule an appointment online

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