Give The Gift of Auto Repair with a Searles Gift Card

How many times have you heard this from your family members when you ask them what they want for Christmas?

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ve got everything that I need.”

Sound familiar? It’s what a lot of us end up saying around this time of year, even though gift giving isn’t about giving a person something they need, it’s about giving them something thoughtful, something that shows them you’re thinking about them and that you care.

This year, when someone gives you the runaround to the age-old question, “What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?” you could go the Scratch and Win tickets and bottle of wine route, or try and hand-craft something, or you could just take the easy route and buy a gift you KNOW they are going to need eventually: Searles Gift Certificates!

Searles Auto Repair - Gift Certificate

Here are eight reasons why Searles Gift Certificates make the ultimate Christmas gift:

They have a long shelf life

Good for two years from the time of purchase, Searles Gift Certificates are valid for a long time. This means the lucky car or truck owner on your list will be able to use their GC for their next immediate oil change, or wait patiently until they need something more major in nature, like a new clutch or timing belt.

They support the local economy

As a locally owned and operated company for more than 35 years, a Searles Gift Certificate is the true definition of “shop locally this Christmas.” By presenting one to your loved ones this Christmas, you’ll both feel good knowing your gift is supporting local businesses and local jobs.

They have a wide range of usesEmergency Road Markers

From brake pads to oil changes to detail work to new wiper blades to engine work, Searles Gift Certificates are good for basically anything our technicians are good for, which is practically any automotive repair you can think of, whether it be routine maintenance on your vehicle, aftermarket upgrades, or a major repair.

They are hypo-allergenic

You never know when your loved one is going to develop a peanut allergy, or a sensitivity to perfumes, rendering your gift of cosmetics and chocolate-covered almonds useless, not to mention dangerous. But with a Searles Gift Certificate, you can rest-assured you gift or stocking stuffer will be consumed safely.

They don’t require any maintenance

While that special someone on your list might think they want a new puppy, or a fighting fish starter aquarium come Christmas time, you’ve got to think, do you really want to be the one on their case about having to clean the tank, or take the puppy for walks? With a Searles Gift Certificate, there is no upkeep required.

They are guaranteed to be used

Unlike a GC to a fancy restaurant that may never get put to use, or the spa that someone might not be able to make the time for and forget they own, a Searles Gift Certificate is guaranteed to be devoured because who doesn’t love not having to spend their own hard-earned dollars on an untimely car repair? The Searles Gift Certificates up on the bulletin board will come in mighty handy and won’t be forgotten any time soon.

They are always in style

Buying someone jewellery, clothing or home décor can be a risky venture. Even car parts and accessories is sometimes a crapshoot. You really have to consider your special someone’s tastes, and be able to select the right size. (Oh, gawd!) Plus, people’s tastes tend to change with the seasons! Fortunately, a Searles Gift Certificate is always in fashion, is always going to be the right fit, and won’t clash with anything else a person owns.

They come with a warrantyNapa Autopro 12 Month Peace of Mind Warranty Seal

Automotive work carried out by the Searles team is covered by a Peace of Mind Warranty good for anywhere in North America, which is certainly more than what other gift certificates can get you.

This year, show off how much of a genius you are by picking up some Searles Gift Certificates for the special car or truck owners in your life. They are perfect for teenagers who have just acquired their first vehicle, or for anyone else whose ride could use a little TLC. Does it sound like your little brother could use a new muffler soon?

Searles Gift Certificates come in any denomination you’d like, and we accept cash, debit or credit cards. We’re open until 12:00p.m. on Dec. 24, so come on down!

Give The Gift of Auto Repair: Nothing Says I Love You Like a Searles Gift Certificate.

From all of us at Searles, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and wish to say Thank You for yet another incredible year!

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