6 Ways to Make Sure Your Mechanic is a Good One



When it comes to finding an auto mechanic, everyone wants the same things: experienced, reliable, trustworthy. But with so many mechanics out there, how do you know you’re getting a good one?

Check them out online

The internet is a great place to begin your search. Not only will it bring up repair shops in your area, but it will also show you websites, reviews, social media accounts, Better Business Bureau ratings and community awards.

This search will help you sort through local shops and decide which ones you should contact, and which ones you should forget about.


Check out the Shop

How tidy is the garage? What about the front office and waiting area? If the shop is a filthy mess and is cluttered with all sorts of broken parts, dirty rags and miscellaneous whatsits, you might want to look elsewhere. A messy workspace isn’t a clear sign of an unreliable mechanic, but it does say something about their professionalism.

Do keep in mind that repairing cars is a messy job, and it’s unrealistic to expect a garage to be squeaky-clean. It’s a repair shop, not a hospital!


Find a mechanic that’ll talk to you

There’s nothing wrong with asking to speak with a mechanic, especially with the one who’ll be working on your car. If they talk to you like you’re human, you’re on the right track. If they explain what they think is wrong, how they know, what they want to do to fix it and how you can prevent it from happening again, that’s even better.


Start shopping before you need a mechanic

It’s a good idea to find a mechanic before your car breaks down. Why? Because it’s hard to make a good decision when you’re angry, frustrated and stuck on the side of the highway. At that point, you’re more concerned with getting your car fixed as soon as possible rather than shopping around for a good mechanic.

You’ll have to take your car in for maintenance at some point anyway, so use that as an opportunity to find a mechanic you love.


Go with an independent shop

Small shops depend on word-of-mouth recommendations and customer referrals for much of their business, which is why they’re often all about quality work and solid customer service. After all, that’s what keeps people coming back!

Independent auto repair shops rank higher than chains for customer service and satisfaction. By bypassing the big-box shops, you’ll be treated as a person, not a ticket number, and you (and your car!) will be much happier in the long run.


Don’t Shop by Price Alone

Whether you’re faced with a minor repair or a major overhaul, it’s easy to become fixated on the price. But think about it: The most affordable auto repair is the one you only have to do once.  It is dangerous to shop based on nothing but price.

If you choose a mechanic based on nothing but price, you’ll miss out on all sorts of really important things, like whether they’re experienced, qualified and can actually fix your car.


Here at Searle’s, we tick all of the boxes. Our mechanics are honest, trustworthy, reliable and will treat you like one of the family. Want to experience the best? Contact us and we’ll show you just how awesome an auto repair shop can be.


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