Hey, it’s us. Your tires. Listen up.

Shiny Car and Tires


Dear Car Owner,

I know you’re super excited to leave the Island and head out on the open road. I don’t know how long we’re going for, but judging by the number of music festival tickets on the fridge, I’m guessing we’re going to be gone a while.

That’s cool. We love road trips.

But before you fill the trunk with enough camping gear and sunglasses to last until you’re 80, can you please do us an itty-bitty favour?


Be nice to us.


We do a lot for you. We put up with that obnoxious pothole in front of your driveway and don’t make fun of your curb-rubbing parking skills. And did we say anything when you drove for 6 hours on that logging road? No, we took it like champs.

But seriously, we’re the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. We matter—a lot. So it won’t kill you to do four little things for us.


Inflate us. No, not our egos. We already know we’re awesome. Make sure we have enough air! Winter isn’t kind to us tires. While you’re out sloshing around and cursing the rain, we’re busily losing pressure. If you let us get too low, your car won’t handle well and it won’t be safe. But worst of all, we might blow out. It’s a tire’s worst nightmare. To the scrap tire pile we go…


Inspect us. Check for cracking or bulging treads or side walls (that means we’re weak), uneven wear (that means we might be misaligned or your suspension might be out of whack), anything poking into the tire like nails or screws (that means we’re going to go flat) or worn treads (that means we can’t keep you safe on the road). Here’s a handy diagram to help you out.


Rotate us. Regular rotation helps us wear evenly and perform at our best. And when you bring us in to an ***auto repair shop***(link to https://searlesauto.ca/contact-us/) for rotation, we’ll also get a professional inspection. We like it when we’re looked over by the best of the best.


Check on our buddy in the back. Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and that he’s actually there! And if your car is equipped with one of those itty-bitty temporary spare tires, consider investing in a full-size one. Donuts, although quite cute, are meant to get you to the nearest service shop, not to your final destination.

That’s it! Thanks for thinking of us.



Your Tires


P.S. It wouldn’t kill you to wash us once in a while.



Image courtesy of Steve Garner.


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