What Salamanders Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Auto Repair Price Shopping



Ahh, salamanders. The sharks of the wetlands. Cruising the waters and hunting down all sorts of tasty critters. They’re lean, they’re a little mean, and they’re cold-blooded killers.

Okay, and they’re cute. Really cute. And they sure can teach us a lot about auto repair and the dangers of price shopping.

Yes, salamanders and auto repair have more in common than you think. So the next time your car breaks down in Victoria or you need to get it serviced, stop focussing on the price and instead focus on salamanders. They raise a lot of important points when it comes to auto repair shops, dontcha know.


Consider the following:


Are they adaptable?

Forget recycling and walking to work. When it comes to climate change, salamanders have better things to do, like shrinking their entire bodies.

That’s right, instead of whining about how it’s too hot outside to hunt for worms, leeches and other tasty treats, some salamanders are gradually getting smaller and smaller so they don’t have to burn as much energy. (Oh, and they only eat local foods, which helps reduce their teeny tiny carbon footprint. Go salamanders!).

Can your mechanic do that? No, not shrink their body (although if you’re reading this, Rick Moranis, we’d like to know how). What we’re talking about here is adaptation, and being fully committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of customers, both today and tomorrow. Repairs aren’t one size fits all—your vehicle has its own history and problems—and it takes flexibility and forward-thinking to make sure the job is done right.

While you’re shopping around, think beyond the price and find out if the mechanics are up to date with the latest auto repair technologies and innovations—and yes, that includes fuel efficiency too. Climate change is an issue. Just ask the salamanders.


Do they carry out quality repairs that last?

In case you haven’t heard, salamanders can regenerate their limbs. If they lose a leg or a toe, it’ll grow back in a matter of weeks. They can even amputate their own tail if it’ll help them get away from predators, and that’ll grow back too. It’s like living in a body-part store, only everything is free and always fits perfectly. Genius!

While even the best auto mechanic can’t regenerate limbs, they can use a similar combination of innovation and expertise to bring your car back to life. Whether it’s new brake pads or a new transmission, a good mechanic will use only the best parts, plus cutting-edge diagnostics and the latest tools to give you a repair that lasts.

And just so you know, that new salamander tail isn’t under warranty, but your car repair is! Auto repair: 1. Salamanders: 0.


Bigger isn’t always better

The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest living amphibian, sometimes reaching an impressive (and slightly creepy) length of 180 cm. If you stood it on its tail, it would be as tall as Jerry Seinfeld, Prince Charles, or that country-pop star who only sings about her ex-boyfriends.

As awesome as it is to be compared to these lovely and accomplished people, bigger isn’t always better. You see, the Chinese Giant Salamander has terrible eyesight and slow-moving stumpy legs, and is nearly extinct because it’s so delicious. Not exactly the definition of success. Just ask the smaller, more triumphant salamanders, who are busy regenerating their limbs and winning the war of natural selection.

Like salamanders, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to auto repair shops. It’s most often the smaller, independently owned shops that have a reputation for quality work and honest service. Their business is built on customer satisfaction, after all, which is why you’ll be treated as one of the family. No gimmicks, no hidden costs, and no barking, whining or hissing. Oh wait, that’s the Chinese giant salamander.


Do they have great reviews?

Here’s what the world is saying about salamanders:

“Salamanders are hidden superheroes of the forest underworld.” – Richard C.

“Salamanders are the hot new eco-warriors of North America.” – Kate G.

“Salamanders are my favourite animal.” – Carson M., age 4

Everyone loves salamanders, just like everyone loves a quality auto repair shop. The reviews should speak for themselves!

If you’re in the Victoria BC area and are looking for a friendly, trustworthy, reliable auto repair shop, don’t hesitate to contact us. (If you’d also like to find a quality salamander, take a peek around Swan Lake. That’s where they like to hang out.)



Image courtesy of Dave Huth.


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