How to Google Your Way to an Honest Auto Repair Shop in BC

When your car breaks down, the last thing you want to do is waste time. Your car is your ticket to freedom, and without it, it’s easy to feel a little stuck.

Well, good news. Thanks to a little invention called Google (you may have heard of it), it’s never been faster or easier to find a shop that’ll have your car up and running in no time—and for a long time.

Besides, if Google can pinpoint the exact location of your bedroom, surely it can point you in the direction of an honest and reliable auto repair shop, right?

Right. Ready? Ready? Go.


Check the Better Business Bureau

Hop on over to and do a search for auto repair & service in Victoria BC. Don’t forget to check the “Show only BBB Accredited” box! When the results pop up, click on a business name to see its rating (A+ is best) plus all sorts of other handy info, like how long it’s been in business, who owns/operates it and how long it’s been accredited with the Better Business Bureau. And if the auto repair shop has a website, the link should be in there as well.


Read reviews

The people have spoken! Online reviews offer interesting (and often amusing) insight into an auto repair shop’s quality of work, customer service and overall experience. So once you find a shop you’re interested in, search for reviews and see what people are saying. You can also check out the testimonials on their website.


Stalk social media

We all know social media is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. But for you, the unfortunate soul with the broken car, it’s also a great way to see what an auto repair shop is like when they’re not working on your car.

Are they helpful? Do they offer useful information? Do they have a personality? Is it a good personality? What are other social media users saying about the company?

The way businesses conduct themselves online will give you a good idea of what to expect when you visit them in person. Social media is an extension of their brand, after all, and if you don’t like what you see it’s probably a hint of things to come. Be sure to check out Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Search for local award winners

Here in Victoria, the major award given is “Best in the City.” Put on by VicNews, Best in the City highlights readers’ top choices for restaurants, hotels, activities and yes, independent automotive service shops. Do a quick search for the current year’s award winners to find out who Victoria loves best!


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