Why Your Gas Direct Injection Engine Needs Regular Service

Carbon Build Up on Intake Valves

What to do to keep your fuel intake valves from becoming this

Once confined to diesel and high end gas vehicles, direct injection engines have gone mainstream in recent years.  Offering noticeable improvements to fuel efficiency, this high performance system comes with a downside the average driver doesn’t know about: intake valve gunk.

Technically the remnants of oxidized fuel, this build up is easy to manage with regular maintenance.  Unfortunately, most vehicle owners aren’t made aware of the additional needs of their GDI engine – at least, not until they roll into the local service shop with the ‘check engine’ light on.  Read More

Low Beams vs High Beams: When to Use Your Headlights

guide to headlights canada

Your vehicle’s headlights let you see and be seen.  But making sure your lights are on and working is only half the battle. Weather, location, brightness and time of day all have an effect on safety and visibility, and how you use your lights will greatly affect how effective they function.

In Canada, headlights come with three settings – daytime, low beam and high beam. Each mode offers its own set of pros and cons depending on environmental conditions, so knowing when to switch between them can help make your car ride safer. Read More

Announcing the Searles Spring-Summer Maintenance Contest Winner

Congratulations to Gavin Larson, who entered the draw for our Spring-Summer Maintenance Special and won an iRobot Roomba. Enjoy your clean floors, Gavin!

Our Fall-Winter Service Special contest is still on. Book now and enter to win a Nest Learning Thermostat!

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8 Simple Tips for Looking After Your Vehicle this Winter

Winterizing your car

Winter’s just around the corner here in Victoria, and while the west (wet?) coast may escape a traditional Canadian winter, BC drivers aren’t exempt from the hazards of cold weather. Whether it’s a struggling engine or a surprise ice patch, dropping temperatures mean extra challenges for car owners everywhere.

Fortunately some simple care can go a long way in keeping your vehicle running smoothly this winter. Here are some of our favourite cold weather maintenance tips for cars! Read More

How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents About Driving

One of the most difficult conversations we can have with our elderly parents is about driving.  Cars bring us independence in daily life, and the thought of having to give that up is frightening.  However the prospect of seeing our loved ones in an accident can be equally upsetting.  If you’ve recently become concerned about the driving habits of a parent or think it may be time for them give up driving altogether, here are some ways to bring up the topic before the unthinkable happens.

elderly drivers

Read More

Tips for Foggy Windshields

You’re running late. Thermos in one hand, fingers digging frantically for keys with the other. Maybe, everything will be okay, you tell yourself. Maybe all the lights will be green this time.  You look up at your vehicle and your heart immediately sinks.

Not again.

how to prevent a foggy windshield

We’ve all experienced the pain of a foggy windshield in the fall and winter months. Dropping temperatures combined with damp weather make for the perfect storm to sabotage your commute.  Fortunately, there are ways to win out against these early morning surprises. Read on for our tips! Read More

7 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Fall

For most people, autumn’s arrival means digging out the wool sweaters, scarves and warm, sugary pumpkin-based drinks.  At Searles, we like to prep for fall in our way – usually by putting on our extra-warm our coveralls and giving our vehicles a head to toe inspection.

Car Tips for Fall

Cooler temperatures, fading daylight and wet roads can all impact driving habits, so it’s important to give your vehicle the proper seasonal upkeep it needs to ensure your safety on the road.  Read on for our fall maintenance tips! Read More

Car Air Conditioning Myths

With the hot weather rolling in, we get quite a few questions surrounding air conditioners here at Searles.  Air conditioning is a precious summer commodity, as anyone who has done a hot summer drive without AC will tell you.  Even in the cooler parts of Canada, it’s rare to find a vehicle without this feature.  Still this old invention’s popularity hasn’t stopped some very interesting strategies from popping up around AC, fuel efficiency and engines.

Here at Searles, we take a look at some of the myths surrounding AC and put them on ice!

Air Conditioning Myths

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The Searle’s Blog recently ranked as #27 on Feedspot’s Top 100 Auto Repair Blogs. Way to go team!

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Summer is nearly upon us, and that means the season for summer road trips is here! Living in BC, we are fortunate to have so many incredible destinations within easy reach.  Previously we’ve shared our favourite road trips right here on Vancouver Island. This year, we have assembled a list of our favourite scenic drives through BC, along with some handy tips to keep your trip safe and enjoyable.

The Gold Rush Trail

Fraser Valley - Hells Gate


Following the routes of the gold seekers of the 1800s, the Gold Rush Trail travels from New Westminster to Prince George. Winding through the stunning Fraser Canyon and the iconic Cariboo, the route travels 1,900 km through BC’s interior.  Offering desert landscapes and rolling grasslands, there’s no better way to get in touch with your inner pioneer.  To truly make your trip complete, we highly recommend a visit to the historic gold mining town of Barkerville!

Our Travel Tips:

Pull Over:  Breathtaking views can lead to distracted driving. Save your canyon sightseeing for designated rest stops along the road, or consider taking turns with another licensed driver in the vehicle to give everyone a turn at the window.

Get an Emergency Safety Kit:  Rockslides, are not uncommon in BC’s interior, and driving through remote areas always comes with some risk.  Public Safety Canada recommends assembling an emergency safety kit that includes, food, water, a first aid kit and warning lights. For the full list, visit the Public Safety Get Prepared websiteFor more information, see our recommendation for the 10 items to keep in your car if you’re leaving civilization.


The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Explore the beauty of BC’s coast with a 359 km route that jumps through the gulf islands.  Providing numerous options for hiking and fishing, this trip is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  As an added bonus for us island folk, the Sunshine Coast route begins in Horseshoe bay and ends in Victoria!

Our Travel Tips:

Keep Items Secure: Storing that heavy camera in the backseat may be convenient for taking a quick snap of the ocean, but a sudden stop can transform any seemingly benign object into a dangerous projectile.  Keep heavy and loose items in the trunk of the car, or deep in the seat well where they can be contained.

Watch your Fuel Gauge: While you think you may know your vehicle’s mileage, road trips are a different beast. Using the air conditioner can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%, and if you’re planning on hauling any additional gear, be aware that extra weight and high temperatures will make your vehicle work harder.

In short, a summer road trip means you will be burning through your tank a lot faster than normal.  Checking your tire pressure and buying gas in the coolest part of the day are just a few our tips for getting better gas mileage. (And don’t forget to always take that ‘last chance’ to fill-up!)


The Okanagan Valley & Mountain Route

Okanagan Valley BC

Enjoy BC’s summer bounty with a tour through the orchards and vineyards of the Okanagan, followed by a breathtaking view of the mountains. Circling 1261km from Yoho National Park to Penticton, this route passes through some of BC’s best wineries and hot springs, so be sure to leave plenty of time for some rest and relaxation!

Our Travel Tips:

Protect yourself from the Heat:  Did you know you can get a sunburn from inside your car?  While windshields include a layer of plastic that acts as a barrier to UVA and UVB rays, the same can’t always be said for the rest of the windows in a vehicle. With shade in short supply in the valley, be sure to protect your skin from harmful rays using sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

Consider getting a sunshield for your vehicle when it’s parked to help avoid the shock of climbing into a hot car after a rest stop.  And remember, kids & pets should never be left alone in a vehicle when it’s warm out.

Get a Tune Up before you go:  When planning a road trip, you should never forget about the family member who is getting you there – your car! Get your tires, battery and fluids checked before you leave, and be sure to tell your mechanic if you’re going to be driving in hot weather, or towing a boat and trailer, as you may require a different motor oil than usual.

To prevent a last minute panic, book your service 2 weeks before you leave. This gives everyone plenty of time to address any issues and make sure your car is good to go! Searle’s is currently running a Spring-Summer Maintenance Special. Get an oil, lube, and filter change, plus a comprehensive visual inspection and tire rotation for only $99.95.  (Plus you can enter to win an iRobot Roomba 650 – which is handy for keeping house clean while you’re gone.)

BC Road Trip

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